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By mydesignstation, May 31 2017 09:42AM

Branding is very much associated with printed materials. Business cards, leaflets & brochures, big banners and so on. When I thought of branding a couple of years ago that is exactly what was on my mind. However, when I think of branding now it’s all about what I can achieve with a laser cutting machine. Acrylic signs, wooden packaging, engraved logos on your tags, labels and stationery or even metal business cards. The potential is huge.

There is perhaps as many opinions about laser cutting in branding as people in the world. My humble opinion – I think it’s an absolutely amazing idea and here’s why.

Always a WOW effect - Laser cutting is still quite a new and unexplored field and a lot of people don’t really know what can be achieved until they get amazed once they see the products. ‘WOW’ and ‘so cool’ are very commonly used words here. Laser cut products look different, they feel different and they make people want to have them. People tend to remember them. Once you add your logo or anything associated with your brand, they will surely remember not only the product but also you and your brand. Brilliant way to winning new customers, don’t you think?!

Getting people curious – Let’s take an example of the little box on the photo below. It looks nice and well-crafted and will most likely get quite a lot of attention because of that. But I guarantee, it is not just that. People get fascinated with the process and wanna learn more. ‘What material is it made of’, ‘Did you make it from scratch?’, “How did you assemble it?’ and the most important… ‘Wait. Is this hinge made of wood? How on earth would you do that?!’ – these are just a few questions that people ask when seeing laser cut products. People love discovering, exploring and learning. So why don’t you give them this discovering opportunity under your brand name?

Think practical – Art was not my favourite subject at school! It was math and I am pretty much always looking at practical applications and benefits. Here’s one for a laser cutting! Have a look at this adorable acrylic signage below. It was designed &

produced for a 3 day wedding fairs. But is it actually the only time you’ll use it? Definitely no! You can use it at any other event, exhibition or show. It won’t get damaged if you keep it safely in a storage for a while. It is also a kind of a sign that you can use in your office, showroom, shop or any other kind of indoor space. So I’d say, well-invested money!